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Jatan Lal Daga ( Chairman ) Accounts & Finance He Manages Administration, Recruitment, Motivation, Skill Development and Training of the Team.   Ratan Lal Daga ( Director ) Purchase & Sales of Paper & Boards He Handles the Over all Business Development of the Organisation. Dilip Daga ( Ceo ) he is Responsible for Procurement and Distribution of all Export & Import Products.. He Overlooks the Total Operations of the Organisation.  Palanichamy ( Cfo ) he is Responsible for Finance and Accounts of Daily Basis, Financial Planning, Budgeting, Risk Management, Feasibility and Strategic Analysis.   Radha (Manager ) he is Responsible for Overall Business Development of Organisation in Sivakasi and is Based in India. Selvaraj ( Banking & Records Maintaining ) heads the Total Banking Correspondence & Manages the Entire Organisation of Records Jeyaram ( Department & Consultant ) he is in Charge of Department Works & Management of the Organisation Kannan ( Factory Exectutive ) he Takes Care of Factories & other Related Documents of the Organisation. Ganesan ( Export Manager & Logistics ) he Handles the Export Communication, Panning & Logistics of the Organisation.